Discovery Place

Open 10am-4pm

Visit Discovery Place, a hands-on learning center for young visitors, from preschoolers to eighth graders. Children are encouraged to explore and learn in this lively hub for curious young minds.

In the Discovery Place, kids can:

  • Explore, touch, observe, and learn about various animals and museum objects at our new touch tables!  
  • Look through a magnifying glass for an up-close view of a bug's mouth, wings, and legs.
  • Assemble a giant puzzle of a mastodon skeleton.
  • Examine real fossil and crystal specimens from the Museum's collections.
  • Explore New York’s Hudson River and the water life it supports.  
  • Investigate the different wildlife and habitats found in New York.  

The Discovery Place features something for visitors of all ages. Parents will delight in discovering alongside their children. Together they can identify animals from around the state, follow young Rufus' adventures on the Erie Canal, and much more.

A visit to the Discovery Place promises fun for the entire family!