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The Shakers - America's Quiet Revolutionaries

November 15, 2014 to March 6, 2016
Exhibition Hall

The Shakers: America's Quiet Revolutionaries features over 150 historic images and nearly 200 Shaker artifacts, including artifacts from three Shaker historical sites: the Shaker Heritage Society, Hancock Shaker Village and the Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon. The 7,000 square foot exhibition explores the Shakers as one of the most significant and influential communal religious groups in American history.

In the late 1700s, the Shakers sought religious freedom in America, but their unique culture and spiritual practices set them apart from society. Their devotional routines as well as their product innovations and views towards gender equality seemed "revolutionary". Thematically divided into six areas, the exhibition shows how the Shakers' unique model of an equal society challenged the norms of the "outside world".