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Ceramic Crucibles

This collection includes artifacts from late 17th century land filling and contained deposits and features dating from this period through the mid-19th century.  Features include the foundation walls of the first structures built on the site, as well as basement deposits, privies, and cisterns dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Four major sub-components comprise the collection: a variety of household goods and metal working tools associated with a gold and silversmith named Daniel van Voorhis, who lived and worked on the block in the 1780s; a group of artifacts from druggist Richard Brown dating to 1810; artifacts from the shop of druggist-physicians Joel and Jotham Post, dating to c. 1790; and an assemblage of objects from the privy of David Dunham, auctioneer and commission merchant, deposited c.1820. The total count of artifacts is more than 208,000.

  • Daniel van Voorhis metalsmith shop/house: 1780s.
  • Richard Browne druggist household: 1810s.
  • Joel & Jotham Post druggist shop: ca. 1790.
  • David Dunham privy: ca. 1820.