Now on View: Charles Clough's "Clufffalo: Art Omi"

Clufffalo: Art Omi, 2017 by Charles Cough

Charles Cough
Clufffalo: Art Omi, 2017
Latex on canvas

A gift to the NYSM last year, Charles Clough's monumental paintingan awe-inspiring 9 x 16 feethas just been installed in New York Hall. To create it, Clough invited visitors to Art Omi, a contemporary art gallery and sculpture park in Ghent, New York, to participate in the work which he then finished.

Charles Clough calls his approach to art “painterly, gestural abstraction.” Born in Buffalo, New York, he studied at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1974, Clough co-founded Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, which presents exhibitions, performances, and visiting artists. This context provided the setting for Clough’s earliest participatory projects. He established the Clufffalo Institute in 2012 at the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, New York.

An Interview with artist Charles Clough

In this interview, artist Charles Clough discusses his background and working methods and relates them to the NYSM’s new acquisition of his monumental painting, Clufffalo: Art Omi, 2017, now on view in New York Hall.

Clufffalo: Art Omi, 2017 by Charles Cough
Charles Clough (right) with some of the contributors to Art Omi, 2017. Courtesy of Charles Clough.