New Acquisitions: Artwork by Ken Rush

Nevin’s Street, 1974  Oil on linen  23 ¾ x 19 ¼ in.  H-2020.22.3
Nevin’s Street, 1974

The NYSM History Collection recently acquired a collection of paintings by Ken Rush (b.1948). Rush divides his time between Vermont and Brooklyn producing rural and urban subjects that move between the realistic and the abstract.  In this group of quiet, almost haunting subway paintings, he works with the geometry of flat planes and deep space focusing on the structure of the place, avoiding all references to people, the trains, and even the trash.

Ken Rush - Atlantic Ave., 1974
Atlantic Ave., 1974
Ken Rush - Pacific Street, 1974
Pacific Street, 1974
Ken Rush - Nevin’s Street, 1974
Nevin’s Street, 1974
Ken Rush - Subway Stair, 1974
Subway Stair, 1974
Ken Rush - Token Booth, 1974
Token Booth, 1974