Historic Chronicles of Genesee County by Michael J. Eula

Historic Chronicles of Genesee County Book Cover

This article originally appeared on The History Press website.


The dramatic events of American history have left an indelible mark on the life and culture of New York’s Genesee County. The Cold War threat of nuclear destruction led to local preparedness drills in the 1950s, and Genesee classrooms and homes were not spared. Social movements, the Great Depression and New Deal-era policies reshaped how residents viewed the role of government in county life. Genesee women led the charge for women’s suffrage in the twentieth century and helped forge new opportunities for female roles in work and public life. Historian Michael J. Eula presents a variety of historical essays from throughout Genesee County’s past and shows how the nation’s story unfolded from Batavia to Bergen. Read more...