Rosemarie Tucker: Groton town historian for over two decades

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This article originally appeared on the Tompkins Weekly website.

On March 13, 1818 – just a little over 205 years ago – the town of Division changed its name to Groton. It was on April 7, 1817, that the town we know today split off from the town of Locke in Cayuga County, was initially named Division and became part of the then-newly formed Tompkins County.  

That little snippet of Groton’s history is a drop in the bucket of the vast amount of historical knowledge that has been researched and recorded by Rosemarie (“Rose”) Tucker, who is the town of Groton historian (TGH) and has been since January 9, 2001.  

Tucker was born in Auburn, New York, joining her older brother, Fred, and her parents, Leslie (“Red”) and Marie (Wood) Palmer. They moved to Groton when Rose was two years old, where her father built the home that she has lived in as an adult since 1998.  Read more...