September 21, 2023

NY History Conference: Call for Proposals

Office of State History

The New York History Conference is accepting proposals that deal with the history, culture, economy, politics, geography, anthropology, or archaeology of New York State. We also welcome proposals that use New York’s history as a lens to understand a regional, national, or international issue. Special consideration will be given to topics that directly relate to the theme of the 2024 conference.

We encourage submissions from historians, anthropologists, archeologists, educators, high school and college students, and/or digital humanists engaged in the study of New York’s history at libraries, archives, historic sites, museums and historical societies, and educational institutions. We particularly welcome proposals that illuminate the diversity of New York’s history in regard to race, ethnicity, religion, ability, and/or gender.

Proposals Due January 1, 2024

Conference Theme
New York History: Contact and Conflict

The lands and waters that make up modern New York State have been places of contact and conflict for centuries. From the first people to settle here an estimated 13,000 years ago, through the pre-colonial relations between Indigenous communities and contact between those communities and European traders and settlers—beginning with the Dutch 400 years ago—New York’s unique history is one of interaction between a diverse array of peoples. Long an immigrant destination, now with one of the most diverse populations in the world, encounters in New York between different communities have often led to conflict and confrontation, but also collaboration and the positive exchange of ideas and ways of living. The theme of the first year of this new annual conference focuses on contact and conflict of all types throughout New York State history.

Types of Proposals

Roundtable Discussion: A roundtable discussion is comprised of a moderator and 3-4 panelists. The session is organized around a single topic, for instance, “Preparing for the upcoming commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution in New York” or “Challenges Facing History Museums and Historic Sites.” The moderator then facilitates a discussion about the topic between the panelists while also taking questions from the audience. The total session length, including audience Q&A, is 75 minutes.

Panel: This is a proposal for a traditional panel, in which 2-3 panelists give a research presentation in a 75-minute session (60 minutes for presentations with 15 minutes for Q&A). Panel proposals should include presenters and a moderator who will introduce the panelists and moderate the Q&A.

Single Presentation: This is a proposal a single researcher makes who wishes the conference organizers to place them in a traditional panel, if possible. (The conference program committee strongly encourages proposals for complete panels.)

Educator Workshops: Educator workshops should focus on the use of best pedagogical practices and/or innovative strategies to teach any aspect of New York’s history, culture, politics, economy, geography, anthropology, or archaeology at primary or secondary schools, colleges and/or universities, museums or historic sites. We particularly welcome proposals that encourage the teaching of diverse New York State history in regard to race, ethnicity, religion, ability, and/or gender.

To submit your proposal, please complete and submit this online form

Technology support will be available for a variety of electronic presentations.

Questions? Please contact Devin Lander, New York State Historian, at

Conference Background: Since the mid-1950s there has been an annual New York State history conference. Over the decades different organizations have led this initiative and most recently in 2022 the Cooperstown Graduate Program, SUNY Oneonta organized and hosted a statewide history conference. Beginning in 2024, the New York State Office of Cultural Education, along with several partner organizations, will facilitate and host a new annual statewide conference that will bring together historians, archivists, museum professionals, librarians, and educators to share research, resources, and best practices related to the field of New York State history.

Thursday, June 20-Friday June 21, 2024
Cultural Education Center, Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY