Welcome to the New York Office of State History Website!

September 9, 2016

Find statewide history at your fingertips.
The idea for this website is to provide an online conduit for information exchange between the New York’s historical field and the work of the NYS Museum Office of State History.  The website includes links to various history related resources that provide information on grants, best practices, conferences, etc.  The website also provides information on what the Office of State History is working on related to exhibits, publications, lectures, research, and events.

The website also has a calendar of history-related events taking place related across the state.  This calendar seeks to present simple content (date, time, location, brief description) created by historians for their event and either sent to me for posting.  Types of events can include: historical celebrations, lectures, exhibit openings, fairs, festivals, meetings, reenactments, etc.  Please email your events for posting to: statehistory@nysed.org

The website’s news and articles division also seeks content from the field.  My voice should not be the only voice heard.  My colleagues in the Office of State History will be writing entries describing the work they are doing.  I also hope to feature “guest” authors who will write about the work they are doing related to New York State History.  I am seeking article entries from Local Government Historians, academic historians, Federal Government historians, historians from other State agencies, and historical museums and society staff.  Please send me ideas!  The entries should be brief (1,200-1,500 words) and related to interesting work being done on New York State history.  (See submission guidelines)

The website also features the "Meet a Historian" section that highlights a historian working in the field of New York State history.  This section will change on a rotating basis and seeks to highlight the historian and the project(s) they are working on.  Content will include a photograph, short bio, and a description of the projects they are focusing on including hoped for outcomes, next steps, etc.  Again, I am hoping that this section can be representative of the entire field.  There is also the opportunity to highlight undergraduate or graduate students and their work in the field.  Currently, we are featuring Rochester City Historian Christine Ridarsky and her fantastic work.  If you are interested in being featured, or would like to suggest someone, please send an email to: statehistory@nysed.gov

I am also happy to announce that our new website hosts Artifact|NY, which features interesting objects held in collections across New York State and the stories behind them.  Many of you may have already seen these posts on social media.  Please send ideas and submissions for Artifact|NY to  statehistory@nysed.gov

Please explore the new site!  Check it out, let me know if we have missed any links, and send me events to post!  This is all of ours and will only be as strong as we all make it.  My goal, as always, is to elevate New York State history and the work of all historians across New York.

Devin R. Lander
New York State Historian