Field Trip to the NYSM: Teachers & Students of Native Art

Inspiration Extravaganza! Teaching, inspiring, and encouraging young artists is a part of daily life in Native communities. Join Dr. Gwen Saul for a look at the legacies of art inspiration in the NYSM Ethnology and Contemporary Native Art collection.

About the Artists: Faye Lone (quilt "Journey"): Peter Jones (Ceramics): Rose Kerstetter (Ceramics), article about her work: Carrie Hill (Basketry): Ann Mitchell (Basketry): Hearts of Our People (catalog for exhibit): Ronni-Leigh Goeman (Basketry), article about her work: Leah Shenandoah (mixed media sculpture): Noel Chrisjohn Benson (wood carving and sculpture): Sam Thomas (beadwork): Interview with Rosemary Hill (beadwork): http://tuscarorabeading.myartsonline.... Video with Grant Wade Jonathan (beadwork): Dawn Dark Mountain (collaborator on framed watercolor "Never Alone"): Karen Ann Hoffman:(collaborator on framed watercolor "Never Alone")