NYS Mycological Type Specimen Database

Explantation of Database Information

The name is cited verbatim from the protologue. Users should view the Genus drop down list to see that certain genera may be cited multiple ways. For example, Agaricus, Agaricus (Amanita), and Amanita are separate entries in the drop down list. The "Search Multiple Genera" option can be used to pull up records simultaneously.

The proper citation for New York State Museum publications has always been difficult, because of the different titles and dates for each of the several versions of Peck's Annual Reports. The citations included here are based on the abbreviations in Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum. The dates cited are that of the publications distribution as compiled by Barnhart and published by Ronald Petersen in the introduction to the reprint of Charles Horton Peck, Annual Reports of the State Botanist 1868 - 1912 by L. Vogelenzang, 1980. The dates are often not the ones printed in the publications nor are they the ones cited in the title of the botanist's reports, but instead are the dates of distribution to the botanical audience and therefore the date of the valid publication of the species contained in the reports. 

The collecton information is cited verbatim from the protologue.

The following data are among those used to describe the status of each collecton:

"Holotype (part of)"
Indicates the presence of two packages with the same information indicating that they are part of the same gathering. It was common practice for Peck, who pasted specimens onto sheets, to package the remainder as "study material". The connection between them is stronger than that of isotypes as they were separated for practical reasons of storage, not for the purpose of making duplicate specimens. Both packages together are considered to be the holotype.

"Herbarium name"
There are a number of unpublished names that Peck used on his specimens and/or in his notebooks. Many of these "herbarium names" were used for "varieties" which Peck may have applied in a sense different than as a rank of published taxa. Since these specimens have been examined by many taxonomists over the years they are included here with the clear indication 

About this Database

All of the new species and varieties described by Charles Peck and Homer House have been included here. Also included are a number of unpublished herbarium names, new names, invalidly published names, and new species described by other mycologists. Separate entries exist for each taxon as well as for every individually packeted collection, for example: isotypes, syntypes, and paratypes.  This listing is as complete as the authors of the database can make it at the present time.