The New York State COVID-19 Documentation Initiative is a committee made up of staff members from the State Archives, Library and Museum, as well as the Office of Cultural Education (OCE) Preservation Officer, who will be coordinating the documentation of the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Initiative will focus on the following areas in conducting its work:

  1. Documenting the COVID-19 pandemic 

  2. Support for Cultural Organizations

  3. COVID-19 pandemic Information Clearinghouse 

To contact the New York State Documentation Initiative please email: ocecovid@nysed.gov

Banner hanging in the museum lobby

This banner, which hung at 9 Madison Place in Albany, New York, went up on March 22, 2020—the first day “New York on Pause” went into effect. Meagan Fitzgerald created the banner because, “I was overwhelmed with gratefulness for all of those working on the front lines and with the Governor for keeping a sense of calm during a highly anxious period.”