Sheridan Hollow Parking Facility

Glass Rodent Figurine

This collection resulted from an archeological data retrieval undertaken along Sheridan Avenue in the City of Albany, New York. This area of Albany developed during the mid-19th century in the midst of the city’s decades-long growth spurt and was mostly populated by Irish immigrants and first-generation Irish-Americans. New houses, shops, schools, churches, and factories were constructed as the city expanded outward from its historic center, and by the 1840s the South End of Albany and Sheridan Hollow were under development. Over 9,000 artifacts from features and deposits associated with the occupation of Sheridan Hollow from c. 1840-1920 are included in the collection.

  • Deposits: No dates, 15 artifacts.
  • Architectural remains of two houses: ca. 1840, 139 artifacts.
  • Wooden Privy: Late 19th century, 503 artifacts.
  • Wooden Privy: Mid-19th century, 4,450 artifacts.
  • Unidentified Brick Feature: ca. 1840, 2016 artifacts.
  • Brick Drain: ca. 1850 - Late 19th century, 4 artifacts.
  • Wooden Privy: Early to Mid-19th century, 921 artifacts.
  • Wooden Privy: Mid to Late 19th century, 105 artifacts.
  • Wooden Barrel Privy: ca. 1800, 567 artifacts.
  • Concrete Privy: Late 19th century, 56 artifacts.
  • Wooden Cistern: Mid-19th century, 369 artifacts.
  • Brick Drain connected to Feature 4: ca. 1840, 41 artifacts.
  • Concrete Drain Pipe: Late 19th century, 8 artifacts.